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About the Author

Hi there, I am Matthias and I am a freelance software engineer, writer, blogger, speaker and community organizer from Hamburg, Germany. I am mostly interested in fullstack web development, functional languages and data visualization. When it comes to data visualization, I am particularly interested in data about now, with live updates.

I am available for consulting gigs. I am particularly interested in short engagements, for example for proof of concepts, getting a project started or developing a vision. Working daily on a single codebase for an extended period of time on the other hand typically does not excite me much, so please keep that in mind when contacting me about long term opportunities.

Note for recruiters: I am working freelance and I have no intention of changing that. To all others: please contact me with any ideas that you think I might find interesting. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Go check out my projects on GitHub.

My first book is supposed to come out in November 2014, it is about AngularJS and already available for pre-order over at Packt Publisher.

I also recently kicked off the Hamburg AngularJS Meetup.

Note that I am using the Amazon Affiliate program to monetize this blog so I don’t have to cover all of the costs for running live instances of the tools that I am building myself. In particular I am paying about $100 a month for a server that hosts the BirdWatch application and the blog itself. So if you click any product links on here, yes, Amazon will track you and try to sell you stuff. But do not worry, your purchases at Amazon will serve a good purpose. If you are not okay with that, simply don’t click any product links.