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Happy Holidays and Thanks for Reading

Last week, I published the very first version of my "Building a System in Clojure" book. I’m thrilled by the amount of interest it has already generated and I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations.

Today, after a few hundred readers signed up for free, I have removed the free option. There are more than enough readers now to give valuable feedback on the early versions of the book. Yesterday and today I have published new versions, with the latest one being roughly 25 pages longer than the initial version. The content is growing fast and a good part of the reason why is that I really like the authoring process1.

I will publish another version tomorrow that aims at covering the entire server-side code in writing and will probably also contain some additional drawings to make things clearer.

So, you will have something to read over the holidays2. Please let me know if any passage needs clarification.

Thank you for reading this blog and a special thank you if you read my book. I had a plenty of fun this year and I learned a lot. I will take the next week off, so I’ll see you back here in 2015.

Happy Holidays, Matthias

  1. I am using to publish the book and I love the authoring workflow, it has been nothing but pleasure so far. Writing in Markdown is so much better than constantly having to wrangle with Word files. I will probably write more about that later, but already a big shout-out to guys at Leanpub for offering a great service.

  2. But only after you spend enough time with your loved ones.

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