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Progress with “Building a System in #Clojure”: new Feature

Most of this week, I was working on the client-side codebase of my BirdWatch application in order to remove the hairball in its architecture that I mentioned last week. That's been going really well. But how do I make the readers aware of what I am working on right now? Your time is precious, so you may only want to read the stuff that I feel good about already, unless you have the time to dive deeper and compare the good, the bad and the ugly. That's fine, too, but it's just going to involve more effort on your part.

So what to do? From now on I will keep a journal in the beginning of the book to keep track of what I'm working on at any moment and also the status of each chapter. Then, since that's going to be in the free preview of the book as well, even if you haven't purchased it or didn't take advantage of the initial availability for free, you can follow along, see where it's going and then purchase the book iff it has gotten to the point where you'd want to read it cover to cover.

I started a brief version of what I described above and will keep that updated frequently. Seems like a good way to communicate the process.

Okay, that's all for today. Keep on coding!


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